INSL-X Block Out® Exterior Tannin Blocking Primer

INSL-X Block Out® Exterior Tannin Blocking Primer is designed as a multi-purpose latex exterior whole-house primer. Block Out® excels at priming exterior wood and is formulated for use on metal and masonry surfaces, siding, or most exterior substrates. Its latex formula blocks tannin stains on all new and weathered wood surfaces and can be top coated with latex or alkyd finish coats. Shop commercial masonry primers at The Paint Can today.


  • Acrylic latex
  • Exceptional tannin-blocking power
  • Formulated for exterior wood, metal, and masonry
  • Can be used on new or weathered wood
  • Top coat with latex or alkyd paints

Available Finishes

INSL-X Block Out® Exterior Tannin Blocking Primer

More Information

  • Available Colors: White
  • Sheen (or Gloss): Primer
  • Cleanup: Soap and Water
  • Resin Type: Acrylic
  • Recommended Use: Exterior
  • VOC Level: 80.8